Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project Dahlia/Project Samwise

A Word About Codenames

When a large post-production company undertakes a project, they typically assign a code name in order to disguise the true identity of the film, adding an additional layer of protection for the IP flowing through their pipeline. If a laptop containing a bid script were to be stolen, for example, the thieves might not know what they have. "Cloaked" assets provided to the post house, like plates or character models, are slightly less tempting to those that might decide to post at AintItCool and other sites. Theft still occurs regardless, and while this codename stuff may not dissuade the determined thief, it's always been part of post-production culture (and makes the exec production staff feel a bit like secret agents, which is pretty exciting, given the generally unexciting nature of production.)

Try re-naming your own production with a secret codename, and I think you'll begin to understand the appeal.

Project Dahlia

This is a film project, shoot schedule TBA. I will need some production interns, matchmoving supervisor and compositing supervisor for the show.

Project Samwise

This is an animated short test to begin production immediately. I will need a producer, character development concept artists, a modeling supervisor and an animation supervisor. I need story development interns. I will require about 15 hours/week of your time.

Please spread the word and have interested parties contact me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Frontier

For the past three months, The Production Workshop has been on hiatus, busy crafting industry and educational alliances that will continue to benefit small productions in the new entertainment marketplace.

Production Assistance

Those of you who need expert production assistance for small footprint productions (both within a degree-seeking program and without), should contact me at vincedq@sbcglobal.net. We will set up a independent contracting arrangement for my continued production support. Students that are in degree-seeking programs will receive a student discount. Production support will consist of an executive producer and line production interns taken from degree/non-degree programs from around the world. We will be taking applications for any of you interested in participating in our internship programs!

Career Placement

If you are interested in placement services, career guidance or portfolio review, please contact me via email regarding a fee-based agency arrangement. For a small initial investment, I will represent you to the industry, helping you manage your portfolio, online presence, interview strategy and local placement needs. This was my largest responsibility while Directing the ANM/VFX online program, and I have successfully advised hundreds of graduates, both undergraduate and graduate. You owe it to yourself to be represented by someone who knows the industry, and more importantly, knows how to open doors.

OMG! Art

In addition to the several services I'll be offering as executive producer and talent agent, I have been working closely with a small team to craft a non-profit learning company.

What is OMG! Art? A small group of educators and artists are collaborating on the world's first free entertainment-based art education consortium. OMG! Art will provide free guidance to those artists who desire to join the wide-spectrum entertainment marketplace, especially those emerging professionals who are looking to join degree-seeking programs, change careers, veterans, pre-college high school students, and members of the American tribal nations.

Why free?

For-profit art schools are not the answer, especially not early in an artist's exploration of the entertainment markets. Typically there is no pre-college education in the sophisticated entertainment industry, and so most students enter poorly-funded humanities-based community colleges or expensive liberal-arts hybrid schools that are either prohibitively portfolio'd (nobody can get in) or ridiculously open (everyone gets in).

In the latter example, the cattle car experience hurts the entrants chances to get valuable, unique career direction, and so most programs are de-focused, spending vast amounts of education expense on needless prep, watered down for the lowest common denominator student. This wastes time, money, and ultimately hurts the student's ability to connect with their unique industry voice. With loss of passion comes loss of direction, and I find that the vast majority of these students will drop out of an art program within the first three semesters.

If you make this pre-selection indoctrination free, and provide a series of focused courses designed to outline the wide variety of tracks available, along with the schools, programs, free and for-fee online programs offered on ground and online, you increase the possibility of student entertainment success.

At the core of these decisions is the ability to design. Before you can design, you must understand what design is. Design is not pretty little color wheels. Design is not manga characters holding glowing swords. Design is the ability to communicate both verbally, literally and visually. Most students have no idea how to communicate upon leaving high school. This is mostly due to the general collapse of the secondary school in America.

OMG! Art will address these issues, serving as a clearing house that will build curriculum for each student -- a unique personal approach that larger diploma mills have abandoned for want of profits. OMG! Art does a personal profile assessment of the candidate, maps out a path, and prescribes a series of free/low-fee training for the applicant before they must make a decision to join a degree-seeking program, for-profit or not.

OMG! Art will use the latest open-source online training delivery systems, and will seek to create strategic alliances with local communities, universities, federal programs, social networking platforms and the larger consortium of educators seeking to join together throughout the world.

If it seems like a revolutionary idea, it is. Prime trade-based education will no longer be held hostage by a minority of for-profit institutions that care little for the graduating student candidate. They have become obsolete, with their bloated administrative and marketing overheads, completely outdated understanding of the markets, and insistence that profit is more important than simple individual triage. Today's entertainment market is liquid, with changes coming almost daily as social networking changes the world.

OMG! Art is a non-profit company for this new Age of Art. Join us.

For more information, and if you would like to be involved with company start-up, or would like to provide or know of funding sources, please contact Vince De Quattro, vincedq@sbcglobal.net.

With your help, we can help the world regain its voice through art.