Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project Dahlia/Project Samwise

A Word About Codenames

When a large post-production company undertakes a project, they typically assign a code name in order to disguise the true identity of the film, adding an additional layer of protection for the IP flowing through their pipeline. If a laptop containing a bid script were to be stolen, for example, the thieves might not know what they have. "Cloaked" assets provided to the post house, like plates or character models, are slightly less tempting to those that might decide to post at AintItCool and other sites. Theft still occurs regardless, and while this codename stuff may not dissuade the determined thief, it's always been part of post-production culture (and makes the exec production staff feel a bit like secret agents, which is pretty exciting, given the generally unexciting nature of production.)

Try re-naming your own production with a secret codename, and I think you'll begin to understand the appeal.

Project Dahlia

This is a film project, shoot schedule TBA. I will need some production interns, matchmoving supervisor and compositing supervisor for the show.

Project Samwise

This is an animated short test to begin production immediately. I will need a producer, character development concept artists, a modeling supervisor and an animation supervisor. I need story development interns. I will require about 15 hours/week of your time.

Please spread the word and have interested parties contact me.

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  1. Can we get AAU intern credit? :)