Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage Production Workshop Poster

Feel free to download and post this signed copy of the infamous "I Want You" Production Workshop publicity poster, first appearing on walls and doors of the largest cubicle-farm-turned-cubicle-farm-animation-school in the world, Academy of Art University, in the Spring of 2010.

This crafty rip-off of the classic James Montgomery recruiting poster (c. 1917) attracted the largest producer turn-out on record for a production workshop: 12 candidates, including two CAPs guys that were in the wrong room and a ditsy fashion student that simply found herself trapped by several large boxes near the elevator.

We will be having afternoon coffee in the old coffee place across the street next week. Try to be there. We'll have fun.


  1. The coffee shop across 180? What time?

  2. Lutz is coordinating for a time next week, I think. Check with her: