Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Episode VII: A New Beginning

The Future of Production Collaboration

As many of you are now discovering, I am no longer the Director of Animation and Visual Effects at the AAU. There are dozens of student productions in various stages of development which will require continued support. While what remains of the current department reacts to its new responsibilities, we are here for you.

The production staff and I remain dedicated to the vision that we started three years ago. (You can read more about the history of the AAU Production program here: http://aauanimationvfxonline.blogspot.com/)

The Premise

Connections. In a competitive entertainment market, you cannot possibly create relevant work in a solo model. You are not sculptors. You are not painters. You are not photographers. These art forms are not inherently collaborative.

You ply a trade that is as multi-dimensional as it is complex, and the studio art university model does not serve it well... not without a collaborative support structure. We are storytellers and story artists and layout artists and actors and directors. We can only survive in an entertainment marketplace if we REPLICATE that market in our course work.

This has always been my mantra. This is the rationale behind adding online offices, online broadcasting, social networking, file sharing, blogs, twitter and the as yet, undiscovered ways that we can connect with one another.

Moving Forward

While we look around for another online forum, I want to assure each of you that you will continue to have my support in your project collaborative work.

Reach Out

The student reps need to get the word out to any students that need to get in touch with me. Frankly, David and Charles and Chad will be able to handle 99% of the questions that they have. Additionally, I have put some safety nets in place, but I'm sure that they won't catch every student that had been sending email to my now-defunct Academy address.


If you are not already a member of the Yahoo! Production Group, apply now.



Join the collaborative group on FB.


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