Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I wanted to share with you guys some of the kind words that I am just now beginning to receive as the word gets out:

Vince I know nothing I can do or say can make what has gone down any easier, and I'm sure you were firm in your decision. As a student I want to thank you for everything you've done, and all the effort you put forth in to makeing us online students actually feel apart of not just the school, but that you alone were able to galvinize and captivate our attention and make us strive to do more as students.

I know my opinion my not sway either your choice or their's, but I feel obligated to let you know that I think what they've done is not only extremely misjudged, but that it also shows they, the other directors and those who've forced this situation have never once seen the positive effects of your actions.

I feel this constitutes a great loss for AAU, and has proven to me as a student that the department and the school do not have the online students interests at heart, despite what ever ridiculous claim they may have stated, I'd be hard pressed to find any student who would speak ill agains the effort and actions you've taken to both galvinize and inspire the online student body to begin networking and collaborating. You were our champion, no other department head could come close to your dedication and commitment to the students, both online and on campus.

As a student I'm deeply concerned about not only the ripple effect this may cause with faculty, but also how this shift will affect me and my academic integrity. I feel my degree will be worth less now, having not worked under you, and if the department flounders how this will affect not only me but the rest of the online students who've looked up to you as our guide.

I know my words my fall on deaf ears, but I have no problem sticking my neck out on the chopping block to voice my opinion to the department. Please let me know if there is anything I could possibly do, or whom I could address my concern to.

Thank you, for everything you've done.


As a student, I thought it would be wise to convey my gratitude for what you've done at AAU. Words cannot express the sorrow and rage I feel at what's been done to you and how you've been treated. I'm torn between punching a hole in my wall and crying my eyes out, because you did so much for the University only to be treated like nothing. You contributed everything you had, yet got so little in return, it's time you get something back. It's time people show you how much you've been appreciated by us students, and I thought I'd put in my two cents.

You were the backbone of my MFA candidacy. Without you, I'm considering withdrawing from the program and going back in to business and marketing. To me, there is no MFA program without you. You were the only Director who cared even an iota about the students, and it was felt by many students throughout your time at AAU. You tried bringing people together. You tried bringing collaboration and producing into the program. You tried your damnest to be the best Director you could be with availability to all students, on campus and online. Well, guess what?

You succeeded.

Collaboration is known and agreed upon throughout the department. Producing is increasing in numbers for those who can't quite make it as an artist. The loss of YOU is felt throughout those who know about what happened, and I do not sympathize with the Department, once the wrath and fury has been unleashed at the announcement of your departure.
I've edited out some of the fury.

Keep this in mind: the production must go on, with or without a specific principal artist. Productions are not based on the individual, they are based on the group. The stronger the group the less important the loss of a single artist.

I was a facilitator. I pushed the snowball down off the top and into the bottomless chasm. It's not about one person. Don't find anger in this. Find your passion. Find a way to make your work in a way that you never thought possible.

At the end of the day (nightlies!), we are still friends, you and I.


  1. Vince, I would like to say that while angry about what has happened that in the short time I was able to speak to you has served me for the better.

    With your direction and inspiration, I developed a much clearer idea of what would be expected of me in the field I have chosen as my career.

    Hopefully I continue to learn from and seek out further guidance from you in the future.

    And lastly as they always say.

    "The show must go on"

    And it will.

  2. Hey Vince! Thanks for your honest feedback on my thesis film. Sorry to know that you're not with AAU anymore, but I'm sure you will be working on many other interesting projects.

  3. Vince, not sure what brought all this on, but I am truly saddened by your departure:( After meeting you onsite at AAU, I fully began to comprehend your intentions for our success. You were the shining light that began to build a cohesive unit for us through collaboration. As Visual Artists it is extremely important for our future.

    Your eye for detail is unsurpassed. Was was blown away with what I saw onsite. Your idea of experimentation in the field parallels mine and I am sure many others were inspired. Many CG artists in the field today pass through the microcosm of artistic expression through unity with others. Not unlike scientists, as a group many talented minds can create the future through ideation, brainstorming and fresh concepts.

    Their are few instructors who are visionaries and tough in their discipline. Above everything else, I respect you for that. Teachers who really make you think. Teachers who really give a shit that you get it. You know what, I get it. I get what you wanted for us. I was looking so forward to midpoint. So you could see Carolina's and my progress. Wouldn't have let you down. Thank you for helping me realize how much I love this field. I only wish there was something we all could do to get you to come back.

    :)Suzanne Hunter, Graduate Student AAU