Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yeah, I know, this is shameless, but if you'd like to let the world know about any contributions you felt I made to your better understanding of the industry, or your career as a whole, do it here:


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  1. you are the best vince i was just at the school hoping to see you and tell you good news but i didn't know the reason was you were not going to be there again... you and your family is in my prayers.

  2. This makes me really sad...you made me feel like I had some hope to become successful in a way I never thought of. Is there any way I can still work with you and others out of school?


  3. I left you a recommendation on LinkedIn, if that's ok. AAU won't be the same without you, and methinks I don't want to be there anymore. I go where you go.

  4. I tried to leave a recommendation but couldn't. Maybe I missed the box for that. I sent a message to add you to my network and will see if that let's me write a recommendation. In which case, I'll write one asap.

    AAU won't be the same without you Vince. I'm seriously considering transferring schools now. As Lutz said. I'll go where you go.

  5. Oh Vince, such crazy sad news.. :( I'm so disheartened that you're no longer with us at AAU. You've been such a great mentor and I love to listen to you talk. I really hope to be able to continue learning from you in whatever means possible.

    You are such an amazing person. From the time I first reached out to you over the phone til I finally met you in person, you helped me so much. Though we haven't had a lot of face to face time, through the ones we did have, I always felt we had a great connection. Never once did I feel awkward to approach you as I've felt at times with other instructors. I was really looking forward to working with you this summer, but alas, that does not look promising.

    Anyway, I don't want to write an essay here. Just wanted to express my sorrow at your absence :( I was looking forward to going to your meetings this summer too! Oh bwt, on a side note, I will be producing for Catherine this summer in Comp for Production. Just wanted to let you know :) Please keep me posted! Take care Vince!!!

  6. Dear Vince,

    You are one of the few truly inspirational teachers that stick out in one's lifetime at academia.

    No one at AAU but you, encouraged us to dream big. You both supported and demonstrated how to achieve those big dreams.

    Your invaluable workshops at AAU were the lifeblood of those on the production track. You were selfless, candid, and humorous in your dissemination of experience, essential to those starting out in the industry. So few are willing to do that out of plain fear.

    Sir, you have my immense respect, implicit trust, and it would truly be an honor one day to work with you in any capacity.

    Sincerely, Your Grateful Pupil,

    Alejandro Franceschi